Hemangioma (Birth Mark) Removal

Hemangioma Birth Mark Removal


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Round 12 Irvine, CA Laser Treatment
 January 23 , 2009 
Kaylynn and I flew to Los Angeles January 22nd for her 11th laser treatment.  The first laser with Dr. Nelson in Irvine.    As you know we decide to switch to Dr. Nelson in California
We flew out Thursday morning, and I was very sick.   Kaylynn and I slept on the plane and arrived to my dear friend Kelli Gilmour picking us up.   It was nice to be in CA and not New York (cold weather).
Friday, January 24th Kelli took Kaylynn and I to the University of Irvine CA for Kaylynn 11th laser.   The hemangioma is gone,  we are now trying to get this thin, stretched out skin to come back thicker and more smooth.  Kaylynn has lost all her collagen there and the laser is suppose to help reproduce it.  
Being two hours behind,  Kaylynn did great with no eating and drinking again.  She was doing well as I was running a fever, sneezing, and very weak.  But Kaylynn did great.   She did wrap herself around me when Dr. Nelson (white doctors coat) came in to talk to us.   She knows now.  Thank God for Dr. Waner starting her treatments at 3 months old.
She came out of laser surgery great.   She was bleeding some, but I just held her, she woke up, then slept in the car for about an hour and half,  by 11am West Coast Time she was playing with Kelli's twin girls same age as Kaylynn.   She amazes me.   She was running to and around the park by dinner time.
Talk about Kaylynn understanding who she is now.   Kaylynn saw herself in a mirror, stopped, touched her face were dried blood from the laser treatment was, made an ouchy face and looked at me like "mom, what the hell did you do to me?"    I just smiled back and said "I know."  
The next morning after sleeping well.   Kaylynn woke up to her eye being swollen shut.   I shed some tears holding her while she pointed to eye saying "eye, eye".   I just thought my poor baby.  I'm sorry that you have to go through all this.   But I know in my heart that Larry and I are definitely doing the right thing.  It is just really hard at times to stay so strong,  hold you baby to go under anesthesia,  hold her in a recover room with blood coming down her face, then she her eye swollen shut the next day.   
We had a great visit with our friends before heading back the next day.   I just wished I wasn't so sick and weak.   Kaylynn recovered well,  returned back to preschool on Monday and doing great.


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Traci, Larry, Kaylynn & Reeve



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