Hemangioma (Birth Mark) Removal

Hemangioma Birth Mark Removal


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NYC Round 6
Hello to All,
Reeve, Kaylynn and I headed to Kansas City and NY October 24th for Round 6 Laser Treatment.    Since I could get a direct flight to KC,   we flew connecting in KC.    My friend Heather, picked up Reeve at the airport with her 3 year old son Braden and twin one year old girls. Aunt Kris, Uncle Shaun, Cousin Maddy & Wesley had Reeve Wednesday night and Thursday.    Papa Gus jumped on the plane with Kaylynn and I and headed to the city again.  Kaylynn slept on Papa Gus stomach the whole time on the plane.   
Round 6 Laser treatment could not have been easier.   As usually Kaylynn waited her turn to be carried back to the operating room.  Janna, Dr. Waners nurse,  told me she was the best baby.   She just sat there on the table playing with her pacifier saying "ba ba ba ba".  I guess she is getting the routine down.   The laser was shorter this time.  Only about 15 minutes.   There is a lot less area to laser and it is still taking well.   If only the top part would just stop growing.    The "H" is looking great as you can tell by the pictures.
The best news was because of getting older and less time under anesthesia we DID NOT get steroids.  That means she did not feel as bad, came home eating and sleeping and feeling good.  :)
As we were taking off from LGA,  I was looking at the skyline of NYC and thinking.   We are probably one of the few people that fly into the city at 7pm,  catch a car,  order room service,  sleep, wake up at 5am,  get laser at the hospital, and fly back and be back in Kansas City by 3pm the next day.   Funny how we can't get in and out of there any faster.  Someday Larry and I will take Kaylynn back when she is 16 or something,  let her shop, see a show and appreciate were she spent at least 3 days of each month of her first years.   I'm sure she will want to hug Dr. Waner as much as I do. 

Kaylynn, Reeve and I stayed with Papa Gus in KC Thursday, Friday & Saturday and played with Heather's kids Braden, Rowen & Presley and then with my Brother, Aunt Kris, Maddy & Wesley.   It was a really fun trip. 

6th Laser

We head back to NY on Nov 13 & 14th.    We will keep getting laser until this "H" stops growing.   We are getting there.  
The not so good news for the Kolinek family.  In the car ride back to the airport after laser, I got a call that my annual mammogram had a suspicious spot on my left breast.    So after another mammogram, ultrasound, core biopsy, and needle biopsy the week,   I found out I have breast cancer.   All I know at this point is that the mass is less than a cm large,  there are small spots throughout my milk ducts, and it is in my lymph nodes.   What does all this mean?   Well,  a year of hell.  At least chemo and ,as a lot of you know, a lot more.     I'm working on getting into MD Anderson for all my scans and to get the stage and type of breast cancer and a treatment plan.   Then finding a good oncologist that fits my personality in Austin.   
Larry and I are doing well.   Seriously,  I'm not going to let this bring me down. Most of you know,  just as we did in Kaylynn's treatment,  I will move forward quickly and aggressively.   I've promised myself I will use support & help and make sure I take care of myself.   I'm going to fight the hardest I've ever have in my life.   I'm going to come out of this even stronger. 

I know it is a lot to ask,   but phone calls aren't the best right now.   I'm trying to take this all in,  thinking about preparing for the next steps,  and working on getting appointments for the doctors I need to for treatment.    I will be checking email,  keeping everyone up to date, and open to suggestions & help.   Look at it this way,  you will get to see me bald, and I'm going to be getting the boob job I've always wanted.   Hard way to get it. 

Sixth Laser

Love to you all,
Traci, Larry, Kaylynn & Reeve


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