Hemangioma (Birth Mark) Removal

Hemangioma Birth Mark Removal


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New York City VBF Conference
 November 11 , 2008 
In November Larry, me, Reeve & Kaylynn  headed back to the big city, NYC.  We attended the Vascular Birthmark Foundation Conference.   It felt good to be around the families and kids with birthmarks.   We heard some of the best doctors speak about the latest treatments, and we got to have clinic appointments with Dr. Waner (our miracle man) and Dr. Stuart Nelson in Irvine CA.  
After meeting with Dr. Nelson,  we decided to have Kaylynn's next laser treatments in CA with him.   Dr. Nelson specializes in many different lasers, and we felt he would be able to give us multiple laser options to improve Kaylynn's face.   She looks amazing now.  Better all the time,  but you don't stop giving your kids the best.  
A few other things helped make our decision too:   California trip is easier, especially when one of my dearest friends lives in the area with twin girls Kaylynn's age,  and Dr. Nelson takes our insurance.   Whew,  no $8000.00 a laser.  10 was enough.   Kaylynn's next laser is Jan 23rd.  I will keep you updated.   Should be interesting since she is almost two.   She is going to be pissed!  
They always say that the holidays can be emotional for people who have lost a love one.   In March,  it will be 4 years since I lost my mom to breast cancer.   And this holiday season seemed to be the hardest on me.    I don't know if the last seasons I was just too busy, especially with last year getting my first round of chemo the day after Christmas.   But this year,  I can't stop looking around and seeing all the grandma's with their grandchildren and realizing, that my children will never truly experience how wonderful of a person she was.   My heart aches as I just want her in the house with us.   I just want to talk to her and hug her.  I would do anything to have her back.  
Then I stop to realize she is around us everyday.  I talk to her and I know her holiday spirit resides inside me as I love the season so much.   Memories are strong in my head.

Traci, Larry, Kaylynn & Reeve



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