Hemangioma (Birth Mark) Removal

Hemangioma Birth Mark Removal


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Laser Treatment Number 15,  Trip Number 16
Spring Break, March 19th, 2010


Never thought I would be writing Laser Number 15, but yes Spring Break, March 19th, 2010,  Kaylynn had laser number 14.
Laser 15Larry and I are so happy about how well Kaylynn's face looks.   You can barely see the hemangioma any more, especially with her bangs.    But we don't want to have any regrets, so we are still taking Kaylynn for laser treatments every six months.  As long as we see improvement from the laser, we will take her.    Until,  she is old enough to tell us "I don't want it anymore."  
There has been many positive life changes since Kaylynn was born with a hemangioma and my breast cancer diagnosis.   One being that we have made some of these laser trips into fun family trips.   And this was one.   We did Disneyland for Spring Break and a laser treatment.    Kaylynn met all her princesses,  we rode great rides,  Kaylynn rode two roller coasters (my fearless 3 year old),  we watched beautiful fireworks, and just enjoyed being a family.    Kaylynn loved the princesses, but didn't like the other characters to get to close.   Seems like Goofy just kept coming her way.   One time he walked right in front of her, and Larry and I saw her jump and run back with speed.  So funny!  



Reeve is almost done with Kindergarten and doing very well.   Loving sports and helping mommy and daddy more around the house.    He is saving for an Apple I-touch.    He has saved $170.00 and very close.     I must say he has some of my sales blood in him.    Who can sell a stick for 50 cents?  My son, Reeve.   

Right now,  my life is really awesome.    I am feeling the best I have since Kaylynn was born, 3 years ago.  Inside and outside.  The doctors appointments are down to 2-3 month.    I have some pretty amazing boobies.  I must say they look so good in cute tops without a bra.  So nice!   I still have to trade out the expander's that are stretching my skin for the implants.   Not sure when yet?    One more surgery.    
And I have committed to all  my goals for 2010.      One of the goals I set for my self was doing the Danskin Triathlon this year.   We decided to do a family camping trip with friends that weekend, so instead,  I will be doing my first triathlon next Sunday, May 16th with a great friend.    I'm training hard for it and loving it!    I'm getting stronger everyday.   I'm so excited! 
As a family,  we are "enjoying life, not just getting through it" (Tiffany quote).   
Happy Mother's Day!
Traci, Larry, Reeve & Kaylynn




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